Congratulations, you have placed your order and are almost done!

The above image shows how many photos need submitted for each slideshow. Please upload the correct number of photos for the slideshow that you ordered.

IMPORTANT: If you have a specific order you would like the photos to be in, number your photos prior to submitting the files to the uploader.  The way you do this is by changing the filename. For example, the first photo can be labeled “1.jpg,”  the second photo  can be labeled 2.jpg” etc. If the photos are not numbered prior to upload, we can arrange the photos for you. [Note: no rearranging of the slideshow can happen after the slideshow has been submitted to you via Dropbox.] All submitted files can be dropped into the blue rectangle on this page.
IMPORTANT: If you hired a photographer, or if the photos appear to be professional, you will need to submit an art release form.  If your photos are of a professional quality, and an art release form has not been submitted, you may receive an email requesting an art release form.   Art release forms (saved as a jpg file or pdf file) can be uploaded along with your picture files. Click here to download an art release form:  Art_Release_Form.


Production of your slideshow cannot begin until all necessary items (photos/art releases) are received. It typically takes two business days for your slideshow to be completed. 

Steps To Upload Files

1. Click inside the blue rectangle.

2. Browse to find the files you want to upload, and click the “open” button.  (The uploader accepts jpg and pdf files.)

3. Each file requires two pieces of information. For the first line you will input your last name.

For the second line you will input the slideshow number that your ordered. For example, if you ordered slideshow 12…for EVERY file you submit you will type in “12” on the 2nd line.

4. Click the upload button.

5. Checkmarks will appear to show the files have been successfully uploaded.