How To Upload A Video In A Facebook Group

Facebook exchange groups are groups that people join if they want to sell something. Often people are selling clothes, furniture or cars. It is also a place where you can market your home. The wonderful thing about posting in an exchange group is it is completely free.

First of all, how do you find an exchange group in your area? Log into facebook and go to the top of the page. Type in the name of your town or city in the search bar, and then type in the word “exchange.” Or you can type in the words, “buy, sell trade” Or sometimes you can type in your county name and find exchange groups.

I will quickly demonstrate how to find an exchange group. I live the town of Kearney, Nebraska. So, when I start typing “Kearney” in the search bar, various groups show up below the search bar.

So you will see “Kearney Pet Exchange, Kearney Area Man Cave” The one I am interested in is Kearney Area Exchange Group 2. I am already a member of that so I am going to click on it.

If you are not a member of a group yet, go to the page and then click on the join button. After a little while the administrator will approve you and then you can start posting.

The first thing I look at when I join the group is I check and see how big it is. This group has over 38.000 people. This is pretty amazing. The town of Kearney, NE is a little over 30,000 people. So, this shows there are people from neighboring communities that have joined this group….and this group is very active.

Then go ahead and market your house just like you were on a regular Facebook page. I have already typed up some text in advance…and I will paste that in the post area. You can push the “sell something” button if you want to add the price. If I want to move quickly I will click on “start discussion.”

So I will paste the text that I wrote.It says…
(The following is a fictional address…I am just using it for demonstration purposes…)

Beautiful Home For Sale
Address: 7810 Crestline Rd., Kearney, NE
For more information click on this link:
Feel free to share this video if you know of someone looking for a home.

If you have created a business page you can add a link that people can click on. This is so they can learn more information about the house. On the business page you can have specifications, the price, etc.

And then I like to encourage people to share the video – if they know of someone looking for a home.

Then go ahead and click on your photo/video button. Click on your video, click “open.” Go ahead and wait for it to load.

You have two ways to post a video, you can upload the video directly, or if you posted the video to YouTube, you can get the link and just paste the link in there. However, it is better to upload the video directly to Facebook because studies have shown you will get more views…than if you post a link from another site…such as YouTube or Vimeo. So, if you have the time, I would upload the video directly into Facebook.

When you are done, click “post.” It says “The video is ready to view, you can now watch it.”
There it is.

Personally my favorite way to market a home is to create a business page, add a slideshow video, and then boost the post. (I created a video on how to do that if you are interested, and the process is pretty simple.)

However, my second “go to” marketing strategy is to hop on the exchange groups and post slideshow videos because those groups are very active. I have a theory that even if a potential buyer is not in the exchange group, a friend of a potential buyer may be in the exchange group and share the video with them. It is fun to spend time in exchange groups, and it is free. So, that is all there is to it.