How To Create A Facebook Business Page To Sell Your Home

In this video you will see how to create a Facebook business page. Then I will demonstrate how to upload a video to a Facebook business page.

1. First you need to make sure and already have a personal Facebook page set up. It is required that you have a personal page before creating a business page.

2. Log into your personal Facebook account. Click on the triangle in the top right hand corner – click on “create page.”

3. Click on “Local Business Or Place” – the category is “Real Estate”

4. Fill in the contact information.

5. Upload a profile picture and a cover photo.

6. You have the option to invite friends to like your page. It would be best if you invited friends that lived in the area or that you knew were looking for a home.

7. Reposition your cover photo if needed by clicking on the camera icon, and selecting “reposition.”

8. Click in the post area and upload a slideshow video. Add a title, description, and contact information to the post. Tag the post with relevant keywords.

9. Select a thumbnail. (I typically select an exterior photo.)

10. Then click on the “boost post” button.

11. Select your parameters (age, distance, etc.), and click “save.”

12. Select your budget and time frame.

13. Then click “boost.”